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27 May 2009 @ 06:33 pm
...Now why would you go through my open entries when you have an English ISU due? I just realised that you probably went through a couple pages of failetry. fail!poetry. faoetry. ...I dunno.
Don't blame me if you fail yo~

I do not like this assignment. I am listening to the dude talk again. I also have no idea what I expected in the first place.
Why did I take AP? (in before "because you're dumb")

I should also maybe start my English presentation!?

We went to the German party thing afterschool, where basically we ate cake. And represented German students. And talked about coffee and tea.

...Complex fluids is a important matter. Silicon is important. Magnets are important. Rotating non-permanent magnets are super super powerful. The system is so clean that the electrons travel millimeters before they scatter. Facebook stalking is vaguely amusing.

[Edit: so it's almost 12 and I have not started the summary. Oh wait, I have a paragraph. And notes. But. FAIL AERIS FAIL. Also. I was a bit of an idiot and did a whole bunch of repetitions of supus and now I ache. I clearly have no concept of the idea of "easing in". I also have a beautifully patterned bruise on my elbow courtesy of turf and ultimate. Fun stuff.]

[Edit 2: Almost 2 AM, finally finished summary. Time to do the form. Watch me get sick!]

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